Consumer Price Index (CPI) - Vegetables

Consumer Price Index (CPI)


March 2020

   18.63% (YoY)
+ 7.85% (MoM)
Previous Value: 170.7 (Feb 2020)

CPI - Vegetables
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(Base 2012=100)

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CPI - Vegetables

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Vegetables in March 2020 rose by 18.63% (YoY)

from an year ago.

According to data released by the Central Statistics Office, the country's CPI for Vegetables in Mar 2020 was pegged at 157.3, compared to 132.6 reported in the corresponding period last year. The CPI in Mar 2020 for urban areas was 167.0 and for the rural areas was 167.0.

This months CPI figure represents a jump of 7.85% (MoM) since last month, as CPI(Combined) for Feb 2020 stood at 170.7.

What does CPI - Vegetables signify?

Let us assume that a basket of goods and services; in this case, Vegetables was costing Rs. 100.00 in 2012 (Base Year).

Consumer Price Index (CPI) informs us that, the same basket of goods and services i.e. Vegetables

was costing Rs. 102.20 in Jan 2013
was costing Rs. 122.20 in Jan 2014
was costing Rs. 133.00 in Jan 2015
was costing Rs. 141.50 in Jan 2016
was costing Rs. 119.40 in Jan 2017
was costing Rs. 151.60 in Jan 2018
was costing Rs. 131.30 in Jan 2019
was costing Rs. 197.00 in Jan 2020
was costing Rs. 157.30 in Mar 2020

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Weightage

Vegetables is a sub-group of Food and beverages. In the calculation of Consumer Price Index, Vegetables has the following weightage:

Index Rural Urban Combined
Vegetables 7.46% 4.41% 6.04%
Vegetables sub-group also forms part in the calculation of Consumer Food Price Index , having following weightage:

Index Rural Urban Combined
Vegetables 15.78% 14.88% 15.46%

Historical Consumer Price Index Trend

Historical Graph

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  • ~ Ronald Reagan

What is Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

A Consumer Price Index (CPI) is designed to measure the changes over time in general level of retail prices of selected goods and services that households purchase for the purpose of consumption. Such changes affect the real purchasing power of consumers’ income and their welfare. The CPI measures price changes by comparing, through time, the cost of a fixed basket of commodities.

The basket is based on the expenditures of a target population in a certain reference period. Since the basket contains commodities of unchanging or equivalent quantity and quality, the index reflects only pure price.

The annual percentage change in a CPI is used as a measure of inflation.

Over the years, CPIs have been widely used as a macroeconomic indicator of inflation, and also as a tool by Government and Central Bank for targeting inflation and monitoring price stability. CPI is also used as deflators in the National Accounts. Therefore, CPI is considered as one of the most important economic indicators.

Consumer Price Index in India

In India, the Consumer Price Index is calculated on a monthly basis and is released every month at 5.30 p.m. on 12th day of the following month. If it is a holiday, then it is released on the next working day. All-India CPIs (Rural, Urban, Combined) along with inflation rates for Sub-group, Group, CFPI and General Index (All-Groups) are released through a Press Note and are also uploaded on the website of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

Items are first classified, organised and coded according to Groups, Sub Groups and Categories. Then a Weighing Diagram is prepared. Weighing diagram gives the share of each item in the total consumption expenditure in a Consumer Expenditure Survey(CES). For calculation of Consumer Price Index (CPI), prices are collected from 1181 village markets covering all districts and 1114 urban markets distributed over 310 towns of the country. The elementary/item indices are then computed using Geometric Mean (GM) of the Price Relatives of Current Prices with respect to Base Prices of different markets in consonance with the international practice.

For current series of CPI, the base year has been taken as 2012. The basket of items and their weighing diagrams have been prepared using the Modified Mixed Reference Period (MMRP8) data of Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES), 2011-12, which is 68th Round of National Sample Survey (NSS).


Consumer Price Index

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Historical Consumer Price Index

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(Base 2012=100)

Consumer Price Index

Items Basket

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Mar 2020 157.3   13.4
Feb 2020 170.7   26.3
Jan 2020 197.0   20.0
Dec 2019 217.0   17.4
Nov 2019 199.6   11.2
Oct 2019 188.4   15.2
Sep 2019 173.2   5.8
Aug 2019 167.4   7.1
Jul 2019 160.3   9.8
Jun 2019 150.5   7.5
May 2019 143.0   6.6
Apr 2019 136.4   3.8
Mar 2019 132.6   2.9
Feb 2019 129.7   1.6
Jan 2019 131.3   3.9
Dec 2018 135.2   11.5
Nov 2018 146.7   2.7
Oct 2018 149.4   0.6