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Commercial LPG
October 25, 2020
(Rs./19Kg cylinder)
   23.50 on Oct 25, 2020
(24 Days ago)

Commercial LPG
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Oct 01, 2020
Sep 01, 2020
Aug 01, 2020
Jul 01, 2020
Jun 01, 2020
(Rs./19Kg cylinder)

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Prices of other Petroleum Products in Kolkata

ProductCompany     PriceEffective Date
PetrolIOCL     82.05Aug 04, 2020
DieselIOCL     77.06Aug 04, 2020
Auto LPGIOCL     39.48Oct 01, 2020
Subsidised Domestic LPG (14.2kg)Indane   497.47Jul 01, 2019
Non-Subsidised Domestic LPG (14.2kg)Indane   620.50Oct 01, 2020
Commercial LPG (19kg)Indane1,220.00Oct 25, 2020

Kolkata Commercial LPG Prices

price in Kolkata today, i.e. on October 25, 2020 is 1,220.00 Rs./19Kg cylinder. This represents an increase in the price of by 23.50 Rs./19Kg cylinder effective from Oct 25, 2020.

In the 52 week period, the price of in Kolkata (West Bengal) touched a high of Rs./19Kg cylinder on and recorded a low of Rs./19Kg cylinder on .

Meanwhile, in Kolkata the Domestic LPG Subsidised price is 497.47 Rs./14.2 Kg cylinder and Domestic LPG Non-Subsidised price is 620.50 Rs./14.2 Kg cylinder as on Oct 25, 2020.

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25 Oct 2020

Rs./19Kg cylinder

How are LPG Prices determined in India?

The Current Retail Selling Price of Domestic LPG cylinder is determined by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). The OMCs pay Refinery Gate Price (RPG) based on the Import Parity Price (IPP) for purchase of LPG. Import Parity Price is calculated on the basis of prevailing LPG prices in the International market.

In addition to the Refinery Gate Price, the Oil Marketing Companies also add Storage & Distribution Cost, Bottling Charges, Cylinder Cost ,Inland Freight, Delivery Charges, Distributor Commission and other Uncompensated Costs to arrive at the Retail Selling Price of Domestic LPG cylinder.

Domestic LPG cylinders is painted with Signal Red colour and contain 14.2kg of LPG, whereas commercial LPG cylinders are painted with Oxford Blue colour and contain 19kg of LPG. LPG sold for domestic purpose is subsidized by the Government. The Commercial LPG is sold to trade and commercial establishments at unsubsidized or market determined prices decided by the OMCs.

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  • We need to cut subsidy leakages, not subsidies themselves.

  • ~ Narendra Modi

Historical LPG Price Trend of India

In the 1970s Government of India introduced regulatory controls on production, imports, distribution and pricing of crude oil and petroleum products in India. This led to implementation of Administered Price Mechanism (APM) in the oil sector. Under APM , the Government of India was fixing (Artificial price fixing) the prices of Petroleum products. Hence the price rise or reduction was based on political decision of the present government and not on sound economic decision.

Government announced the dismantling of the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) effective April 01, 2002. But in order to insulate the Domestic LPG prices from the impact of unprecedented high international oil prices, the Government decided to provide subsidy on sale of domestic LPG at specified flat rates under the Budget. This resulted in huge subsidy / under-recovery burden arising out of selling petroleum products at a price below the prevailing international prices to the Govt of India through budgetary support, Public Sector Upstream Oil companies namely, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Oil India Limited (OIL) and GAIL (India) Limited (GAIL) by way of price discount on Crude oil and products and Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies, by absorbing a part of the under recovery.

Government of India launched Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG consumer (DBTL) scheme namely, ‘PAHAL’ on 1 Jan 2015. LPG consumers, who join the PAHAL scheme, will get the LPG cylinders at non-subsidized price and receive LPG subsidy (as per their entitlement) directly into their bank accounts. After introduction of DBTL, the state aim of Govt is that there will be no under-recovery burden on National Oil Companies (both upstream and downstream) and entire burden of subsidy on sale of Subsidized Domestic LPG will be borne by the Government.


Commercial LPG
Prices in Metros

New Delhi 1166.00
Mumbai 1113.50
Chennai 1276.00
Kolkata 1220.00

(Rs./19Kg cylinder)

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Commercial LPG
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